Hi! I am Dr Erica Bowen, pragmatic hope-maker, rebellious ambivert, radical empath, and imagineer of Hope-Makers Ltd.

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As a pragmatic hope-maker I believe that change is possible, but we need a plan, motivation and to take action. As a rebellious ambivert I like to prove the status quo to be wrong, as long as I can then find a quiet corner, good book, and oat latte to relax with. As a radical empath I get you. I can feel what you have been, and are going through, and I harness both science and intuition to help you move forward to achieve the vision you hold for yourself and others.

My professional journey as a hope-maker began 20 years ago. Now as a psychologist, coach and former professor who has worked in family violence prevention and academia for the last 20 years, I am using my research, leadership and clinical skills to help people, teams and organisations create positive change for themselves and local communities. Every aspect of Hope-Makers Ltd is an expression of my vision to create hope where there is none, and in doing so to make the world more compassionate and tolerant.

Hope-Makers Coaching: Being purpose-driven can lead to incredible success, but can also be challenging and isolating. If we are holding onto emotional baggage from past relationships this can be amplified even further, and we can put our own needs at the bottom of the pile, convinced that the needs of other people are more important than our own. I work with ambitious professionals like you to help you achieve the emotional freedom required to prioritise your own needs and create the success you deserve. I achieve this through bespoke 121 coaching as well as the Balanced Empowerment exclusive small group coaching programme (see the services tab for details).

Hope-Makers Consulting: An independent evaluation of policy, service and/or organisational effectiveness can lead to better designed services that more appropriately meet the desired need, and culminate in substantial positive change in impact. I work with changemaker organisations within the violence prevention and therapeutic services arenas to disrupt the impact of violence and abuse and provide hope to victims and families. I do this through research and evaluation as well as team and leadership coaching, training and supervision.

The Hope-Makers Podcast shines a light on incredible stories of how overcoming personal challenges led purpose-driven professionals to connect with their deeper purpose and turn it into a business. If you have a story of hope and want to be featured please complete the form by following the Hope-Makers Podcast tab.

The fortnightly Dose of Hope newsletter provides a positive dose of hope-related research, poetry, hints and tips on staying hopeful or using hope to be successful, as well as updates on all things Hope-Makers. I'd love to invite you to sign up - just scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see where.

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**(see www.havening.org for more details on this approach)



I take my clients on a journey of change through identifying what is leading them to feel unfulfilled. I do this on a practical and emotional level, simplifying the way forward towards living a truly fulfilled life in all areas.


I have 20 years of experience as a scientist-practitioner designing and conducting research, service evaluation and development, and training and supervising staff within the field of violence prevention.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

“'Working with Erica has given me immeasurable progress and support towards my goals. She works on so many levels depending on what the situation needs. What I mean by this is that sometimes the help I have needed has been to work out a pathway - more practical; sometimes the help has been more emotional, or about the negative thoughts I was having - just feeling too afraid or disbelieving of myself to take the next step.
She gives both little nudges, encouragement and practical support when needed, but I have never felt pushed beyond my capacity, or judged.
I would wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with her, even if it is only an inkling that you have that you could gain from her support.
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