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Hi! I am Dr Erica Bowen, psychologist, coach and imagineer of The Hope-Makers*  

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As a Registered Forensic and Coaching Psychologist, Hope-Makers are who I work with and provide services for. If you are a social entrepreneur, sole trader, run a small, limited company with a social purpose, or a charitable business, then I’m here for you. My mission is to help you increase your impact in the world but at the same time keep you sane, and help you protect yourself against burnout.

My professional journey began 20 years ago when I became an academic psychologist working in the field of family violence prevention. In the last 20 years I have created evidence-based interventions, provided consultancy to the English and Scottish governments on behaviour-change programmes, and led international, national, and local research programmes focusing on service development and evaluation. In 2020, after a successful academic career I left my role as Professor to pursue my own business – The Hope-Makers. I am fuelled by a desire to make the world a better place and know that by supporting you to do the same we can achieve this together. Every element of The Hope-Makers is an expression of this mission:

Through Hope-Makers Coaching (click on Services tab) I bring together these strands of experience into innovative individual and small-group coaching programmes that are evidence-based and combine solution-focused, cognitive behavioural and havening** techniques.

The Hope-Makers Podcast shines a light on incredible stories of how overcoming personal challenges led purpose-driven professionals to connect with their deeper purpose and turn it into a business. If you have a story of hope and want to be featured please complete the form by following the Hope-Makers Podcast tab.

The Hope-Makers Forum is an exclusive membership community through which I provide peer support, coaching, networking and business master-mind opportunities on a monthly basis. More information and sign-up details can be found by following the Hope-Makers Forum tab.

The Weekly Dose of Hope newsletter provides a positive dose of hope-related research, poetry, hints and tips on staying hopeful or using hope to be successful, as well as updates on all things Hope-Makers. You can sign up here:

n my spare time I love to spend time with my family and friends, read, walk, drink oat lattes, and play the cello either by myself or as part of the fabulous Real String Orchestra.

*(a trading name of Poco-a-Poco (little by little) Solutions Ltd, company number 12730964) 

**(see www.havening.org for more details on this approach)



I take my clients on a journey of change through identifying what is leading them to feel unfulfilled. I do this on a practical and emotional level, simplifying the way forward towards living a truly fulfilled life in all areas.

Violence prevention service development and evaluation consultancy

I have 20 years of experience in designing and executing service evaluation, within the field of violence prevention.

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“'As someone who ran a charitable bid writing company; currently runs a social enterprise (CIO) and is a Doctoral research student I pretty much hit every category of people Erica is helping. I’ve also received an emergency session of academic coaching with Erica when I was having a total meltdown with my latest academic work. I passed with 62% which I was really pleased with. Cannot thank Erica enough or highly recommend her assistance enough! If you’re considering Erica’s coaching programme - sign up now! She’s fabulous! ”
Sarah Hewitt
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