Hi I’m Dr Erica Bowen, pragmatic Hope-Maker, rebellious ambivert and radical empath. I am also the imagineer of Hope-Makers Ltd. 

I am a pragmatic hope-maker in that I believe change is possible for everyone, but you need a goal, a plan and you need to act.

I am a rebellious ambivert in that I love challenging the status quo (never tell me I can’t do something!), but need down time, an oat latte and good book to recover.

As a radical empath I connect deeply with my clients because I have walked the path they are on, and I use my empathy to help them create change for themselves.

I am a registered forensic and coaching psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience of supporting people to achieve their potential and live better lives, and it almost didn’t happen.

I grew up in a working-class dysfunctional family but loved reading, playing musical instruments and learning. I moved to secondary school – a girl’s grammar school – a year early and obtained a place at University much to the pride of my family. I was the archetypal ‘good girl’. And then I dropped out.

Three years later and married at the age of 20, after a friend pointed me in the direction of psychology, I started my BSc Psychology, and graduated with a first-class degree. I moved straight onto a PhD completing that in just under three years. Ten years later with a 6-year-old son and aging parents I was a Registered Forensic Psychologist and promoted to Full Professor at the age of 37, and I found myself on the verge of burn out asking ‘is this it?’. The more senior I got, the more my role was about management, the less fulfilled and more adrift I felt. 

In 2017 I knew I needed something more. I reflected upon everything I had loved in my academic roles, the high points, the moments where I had felt in a state of flow and ease and joy and realised that I needed to work more directly with individuals to inspire them to create and achieve their vision of a better life too. A purpose-driven life in which they are playing big without burning out. Can you relate?

This is now what I do. Every day I work with incredible successful women just like you, who:

  • ·         once had big ideas about who they are, who they wanted to be and the impact they wanted to achieve in the world, but
  • ·         who have become disconnected from their purpose,
  • ·         are juggling so many balls that they struggle to put their needs first, and
  • ·         are feeling disillusioned and unfulfilled.

My advanced understanding of psychology and neuroscience and powerful coaching tools are harnessed within my trauma-informed ‘Courage to Choose’ 1:1 and accelerator group coaching programmes. It is my greatest privilege to help you identify or reconnect to your purpose, clarify your values, create a clear vision, and create and implement a new way of working so that you can prioritise your needs, play big and get back to being who you are, once and for all!

Why work with me?

"I've worked with Erica for several months at a complex time in professional terms, seeking some new influences and ways forward to help separate work developments from home and other matters. Erica's advice and influence to my thinking has helped considerably and I find myself in a better place to make decisions and move matters forward. Thank you."
Chris Dyer
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