Hi I’m Erica Bowen, pragmatic Hope-Maker, rebellious ambivert and radical empath. I am also the imagineer of Hope-Makers Ltd. 

As a pragmatic hope maker I believe that change is possible, but only if we have a plan and take action. As a rebellious ambivert I can happily dance and sing with extraverts, particularly when driving social change, as long as I then find a quiet corner, good book, and oat latte to decompress with. As a radical empath I get you. In fact more than that, I can feel what you have been and are going through and I harness both science and intuition to help you move forward to achieve hope for yourself and others. 
I have been a Hope-Maker since birth, one way or another, but my professional journey as a Hope-Maker began 20 years ago when I decided to embark on an academic career as a psychologist working in the field of family violence prevention. My research and more recent practice has been fuelled by my desire and personal mission to provide hope to those who have traditionally been viewed as, or believed they were, unable to change their life.  I knew that with the right approach and skills people could change their destructive habits and behaviours and my research and evidence-based interventions continue to influence national policy in England, Wales and Scotland.
More recently I realised that the knowledge and skills I have developed as a successful professional woman, psychologist, researcher and professor, can help anyone change their life, regardless of what it is they seek to change. So I additionally trained as a coach. Now as a Registered Coaching Psychologist, my mission is to develop tools and coaching programmes that can help professional women who are driven to make the world a better place embrace their power, step into their light, and create the impact and success they deserve.
I love to spend my spare time with my family and friends, read, walk, take photographs, and play the cello either by myself or as part of the fabulous Real String Orchestra.

Why work with me?

"I've worked with Erica for several months at a complex time in professional terms, seeking some new influences and ways forward to help separate work developments from home and other matters. Erica's advice and influence to my thinking has helped considerably and I find myself in a better place to make decisions and move matters forward. Thank you."
Chris Dyer
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