Balanced Empowerment



Are you a purpose-driven leader who is passionate about making a difference, but struggle to put your needs first without feeling guilty?

Doing good is not just about having a positive impact. Doing well means being able to do more of what you are here for. Learn how to move from the verge of burnout to balance by creating new habits, taking small steps and rapid learning.

Do you worry that unless you are driving your mission forward, it will simply stall?

Do you feel guilty at the thought of focusing on other things, particularly yourself, no matter how briefly, because there’s so much change you want to create, that you don’t believe you can justify it?

Perhaps you have been working tirelessly for so long in pursuit of the change you want to see, that you’re now feeling a bit disconnected from the purpose that started it all?

Introducing the ‘Balanced Empowerment Programme’

Balanced Empowerment is a hybrid online and live group coaching and support programme for purpose driven professionals that helps them prioritise their own needs, achieve their impact and thrive. Powered by clear-sighted self-awareness, it is the only programme to combine work-life balance and clear impact in one holistic aspiration.

The Balanced Empowerment Programme provides you with the tools to create a blueprint for life, and an effective process that you can come back to every time you feel that you are not prioritising your own needs.

The Balanced Empowerment experience includes:

  • 6 x 90 minute small group live coaching sessions
  • Weekly online video training to inspire reflection and action
  • 1 business mastermind to help grow your impact vision
  • 1 x 60 minute 121 coaching call with Erica to help you consolidate and achieve your goal
  • 2 implementation weeks to help you embed your new habits
  • Replays of all coaching sessions
  • Personal accountability in your ‘Aha Moments’ document
  • Social accountability through the Balanced Empowerment FB group
  • Lifetime FREE membership of the Hope-Makers Forum designed to help you maximise your impact and safeguard you from burning out (First 20 people)

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