My passion is helping Hope-Makers to achieve alignment in their life so that they can live a life fulfilled and in balance, regardless of how many directions they are being pulled in. I do this through individual and group coaching. I take a trauma-informed and solution-focused approach to all that I do, based on the awareness that experiences that we might not even acknowledge as traumatic, can have long-term impacts on how we view ourselves, others, and the world. I’m sure you can remember an event which led you to believe something about yourself which has held you back ever since – maybe it was ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘I don’t deserve success’? 

I see my role as helping people to deeply understand their values, what they need from life, and to remove these obstacles so that they can live a life of their own design. I do this through individual and small- group coaching programmes.

Previous clients have: 

  • broken through burnout and developed methods to identify early warning signs and strategies to prevent future burnout
  • regained a deep understanding of who they really are, what they really need, and how to achieve it 
  • found the confidence to step up and take professional action resulting in them achieving promotion 
  • gained clear understanding of the contribution they have made to successfully apply for financial rewards
  • redesigned their lives to prioritise those things that they find most fulfilling, and those things that they need most for their own wellbeing 
  • found their authentic selves which when harnessed led to increased numbers of paying clients
  • Identified how to change their lives to have more ‘things for me’ among all of the other demands and roles they occupy
  • Re-shaped their business processes in order to reduce burnout whilst maintaining their values and mission.
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