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    Welcome to the Hope-Makers forum!

    This is a professional, solution-focused community for business leaders who are driven to make the world a better place through their business. You may be the director of a social enterprise, community interest company or limited company, you may even be a solo entrepreneur driven by the need to change the world; your mission is one to provide services and/or products for the social good.

    As a member you will benefit from:

    • Networking, peer support, mentoring, accountability.
    • Monthly zoom group training/coaching calls with Erica
    • A private, engaged, non-Facebook community.
    • No bots/fake accounts.
    • Discussion-led opportunities for networking
    • A safe space to share your challenges, celebrate your successes, ask for help
    • Monthly virtual mastermind sessions to gain support on a current ‘live’ challenge you are facing
    • Accountability groups
    • Opportunities to feature as a guest on The Hope-Makers podcast (https://thehopemakers.buzzsprout.com)
    • Bonus training sessions with special guests throughout the year to meet your needs



    • Support to find evidence to help shape your funding bids
    • Access to researchers who can help you determine the impact of your product/service

    These bonuses will be available when we have sufficient membership to be able to subsidize them, so please, if you find value here, tell other colleagues you know who have a business with a social purpose about this forum.

    This is a place where you can be authentic, network with like-minded professionals, and find support for the challenges you face as a social entrepreneur, business leader, and human being. My aim is to create a safe, supportive community which will help you to thrive in business whilst also safeguarding your sanity. The world needs business leaders like you now more than ever, and I want to help you to have the support you need to maintain your success.



    1. This is a community, and therefore I would encourage you to participate in discussion and support each other. You will get from it what you put into it.
    2. Please engage in only polite posts, any aggressive or rude comments will be removed, and you may be potentially removed from the forum.
    3. This is a professional forum, so please do keep the content of posts related to your business or work/life balance.
    4. If you think the forum is missing something please comment below this post and I will take on board the feedback.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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