Violence prevention service development and evaluation consultancy

I have experience of designing and evaluating violence prevention initiatives within the third sector. I also draw upon this expertise within my governmental advisory roles. My view is that good evaluation should take into consideration not only whether a service ‘works’, but how it works, for whom it works best, and the conditions that are required in order for success to be achieved. Evaluation should ideally be implemented from the start of a service and should be used to inform the development and improvement of that service.

I can help you:

  • Determine what type of evaluation is possible given the data that you routinely collect regarding your service, its implementation, and impact on your clients
  • Design an evaluation protocol to suit your needs
  • Design new methods of data collection to meet the demands of commissioning briefs
  • Analyse, understand and report on the data that you collect
  • Implement an evaluation protocol
  • Develop a logic model to describe your service, its processes and its impact
  • Work out how to integrate evaluation within service design

I can also train your staff on these issues if you feel that an external voice may be of benefit.

If you would like to discuss any issues regarding evaluation please contact me and I will happily help.


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