Feeling ‘stuck’ in life is perfectly natural and is something experienced by nearly all of us but finding ways to get unstuck can be more challenging. Is this you? Do you feel that there should be more to life, that something is just not quite right, or that you’re not fulfilling your potential? Perhaps you feel as though you are at a crossroads, compelled by recent experiences to re-evaluate the direction you want your life to take.
In this workbook and planner, I bring together a range of techniques to guide you through: 
•clarifying where you are in your life right now, 
•what it is that you wish to change, 
•and through a combination of reflective and creative exercises empowers you to develop an action plan to live the life you want.
This book is unique in that it is based mainly on the principles of solution-focused brief coaching, an approach which has been shown to lead to substantial changes in shorter time frames than other approaches. In addition, the positive psychology perspective is continued by the inclusion of journaling exercises that aim to harness and develop character strengths which are those traits that are linked to wellbeing and resilience. Finally, this book is a hybrid – the first part is a workbook through which you will identify your goals and the ‘daily solutions’ that you will implement in order to achieve the life you want. Part 2 is a planner which will help you to record and reflect on your progress. 
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